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Pre-Planned gardens are perfect for those of us who need a bit of help creating flower groupings that complement one another's height, color, texture, and bloom time throughout the entire season.

NUMEROUS LAYOUT OPTIONS Pre-Planned Garden Layouts
Installing a Pre-Planned GardenInstalling a Pre-Planned Garden. Why Pre-Planned Gardens?Why Pre-Planned Gardens? How Our Plants are ShippedHow Our Plants are Shipped.


“I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.
My neighbor comments on it every time she walks by.”

Jan in Longmont, Colorado

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Whether you’re hosting an event or looking for a unique business mailing, seed packets are an affordable and creative choice. The easy-to-grow, eco-friendly seeds inside will keep your event or business front of mind all season long.

5 REASONS TO BUY SEED PACKETS FOR YOUR PROMOTION OR EVENT 1) FREE ground shipping! 2) Promotional and event seed packet orders ship within 48 hours. 3) Non-GMO seeds and recycled paper 4) Mix and match discounts 5) Express shipping, just call (877) 309-7333


Put your totally custom designs on seed packets.

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What is this To help gardeners understand which plants will grow well for them, the entire USA has been segmented into ‘Plant Hardiness Zones’.

Best Wildflower Combinations: Wildflower Simplicity v. Variety

Best Wildflower Combinations - Cosmos

Many gardeners are looking for simplicity in their wildflower plantings, especially in front of their homes, so we've listened and formulated new mixtures.

Wildflower gardeners have always wanted a quick, easy way to create a big burst of color in their gardens or meadows with as little effort and cost as possible. Because of this, we created our famous All Annual Mixture decades ago to give these gardeners just what they were asking for. As a result, thousands of gardens, meadows, and lawns across the country have been ignited in easy annual wildflower colors and have become an oasis for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. But recently we’ve had requests for the same type of easy color, only pared down a bit. Instead of 8-10 different varieties blooming at once each season, these gardeners wanted 1-2. We worked with them to create two new simplicity seed mixtures, while also keeping the same big variety mixture we all love.

Best Wildflower Combinations - Grickis Lawn With Wildflowers

The Grickis' replaced their front yard with low maintenance wildflowers.

Best Wildflower Combinations: Inspiration For Simplicity

The Grickis’

One of our most loyal wildflower customers, the Grickis’; have a summer cottage in Rhode Island where they’ve replaced their front yard with wildflowers. Each year we create a custom wildflower mix for them and lately they’ve been wanting something more simple. Instead of the rainbow of blooms they’ve enjoyed in years passed, recently we’ve put together a simple mix of annuals that blooms all season long, with one or two varieties flowering at a time.

See more about the Grickis’ lawn transformation in our blog.

Diane W.

Best Wildflower Combinations - Wildflower Lawn at the Wallace House

Another pro wildflower gardener, Diane W. in Massachusetts, has been planting wildflowers in the front of her home for years as well. Just like the Grickis’, she too decided in recent years that she wanted her meadow to have more simplicity. She asked for a custom blend of 8-10 varieties that blooms all season long, with just one or two varieties blooming at a time.

The Mix

As we created these two custom mixes for Diane and the Grickis’, we realized that this might also be something all of our customers would like to incorporate into their landscape. Thus, our All Annual - Simplicity Mix was born! This easy-to-grow, quick-blooming mixture contains 10 different annuals including Cosmos, Zinnias, Calendula, and more. With only a few varieties blooming at a time, this toned-down mix creates a dramatic look with a sweeping statement of just several colors. Diane and the Grickis’ chose to plant this mix in the front of their property so it’s the first thing you see when you pull up to their house, but these wildflowers can be planted in garden beds, to replace part of your back lawn, and really any sunny spot.

Best Wildflower Combinations: Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

Even though we’ve added the new simplicity annual mixture to our offerings, we’ve kept our famous All Annual Mix - Variety the same as it’s always been. This mixture is for those who aren’t caught up on specific varieties blooming at once, but just want BIG impact in their garden from spring all the way through frost. With 23 annual varieties, you’ll have a rainbow of blooms all season long, with 5-6 varieties blooming at once. This mixture offers up photo-worthy moments and attracts a parade of pollinators to the garden, while also providing armfuls of cut flowers. Favorites in this mixture include Cosmos, Zinnia, Poppies, Sunflowers, and more.

Best Wildflower Combinations - All Annual Variety

Our All Annual Variety Mix offers up a rainbow of blooms with something new opening up every few weeks.

Now that we have two great options for those looking to add big color with annuals, the possibilities are truly endless! Maybe you want a more simple look in your front yard but want an explosion of color in the backyard; simply plant both mixtures! With either mixture, you’re going to get quick, easy color that needs little maintenance and supplemental water once the seedlings are a couple of inches high. As with all wildflowers, your success depends largely on your site preparation.

Learn all about planting wildflowers.

Best Wildflower Combinations: Replacing That High Maintenance Lawn With Easy Wildflowers

As we redesigned our Annual Wildflower Mixture, we took into consideration the many customers who are looking to replace their high maintenance lawn with easy, colorful wildflowers. More and more gardeners are realizing that grass lawns aren’t just a waste of resources and time, but also lack food and shelter for pollinators and other beneficial bugs. Even if you replace just part of your grass lawn with pollinator-friendly wildflowers, you’ll be cutting down on watering, mowing, and providing much needed food and shelter for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Best Wildflower Combinations - Zinnia and Butterfly

Replacing your lawn with wildflowers not only cuts down on maintenance and water, ut also helps out local pollinators.

HOA-Approved Wildflowers

The problem many gardeners were running into when trying to replace their front lawns with wildflowers were certain regulations from their HOA and other groups. So when formulating our new wildflower lawn mixtures, we decided to provide two options:


The Wildflower Lawn Simplicity Mix is for gardeners who face lawn regulations or (like above) are simply looking for a more toned-down wildflower blend for the front of their home. This mixture contains 9 shorter annuals that bloom quickly and last through frost, with just one or two varieties blooming at one time. This mix creates a tidy, manicured look that is low to the ground and should be HOA-approved, while also providing color and habitat for pollinators.

Best Wildflower Combinations - Lawn Simplicty

Our Wildflower Lawn Simplicity Mix is great for gardeners with HOA regulations.


The Wildflower Lawn Variety Mix is for those gardeners who may live in a more rural area or don’t have any guidelines on what they can plant in their front yards. This low maintenance mixture contains 20 different shorter annuals that will create big swaths of color from spring all the way through frost. Plant this mixture for variety and something different blooming every few weeks. This mixture will create a big statement in the front of any home and will sure to become the talk of your friends and neighbors, while also attracting wildlife to your landscape.

All four of these colorful mixtures contain only annuals, which means although some varieties may self-seed, you’ll have to plant every year for the full effect. If you’re looking for a more “one and done” type planting, try one of our Regional Mixtures.

Best Wildflower Combinations - All Annual Simplicty

Our All Annual Simplicity Mix was formulated after hearing feedback from our customers.

Best Wildflower Combinations: Simplicity With Two-Flower Combinations

In our effort to offer more easy-to-grow combinations with simplicity in mind, we’ve created five new two-species collections. These are a great option for those looking for a simple statement while also adding an element of easy design to their garden or meadow. Favorite combinations include Zinnias and Cosmos, Echinacea and Black Eyed Susan, Lupine and Daisies, and more.

Learn more about our new Wildflower Combinations in our blog.

Best Wildflower Combinations - Daisy and Lupine

Daisy and Lupine is a simple, elegant combination that starts off the summer garden with a bang.

Best Wildflower Combinations: Always Looking For Something New

Each season we’re always looking for feedback from our customers to bring gardeners new, different mixtures (and species) to try in their gardens. This season, two loyal customers sparked our design of new mixtures that have already become some of our most popular. If you’re a gardener looking for a specific mixture for your purpose or landscape, don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas. What makes gardening such a beloved pastime is being able to talk about -- and share -- our passion with others.

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