by Ray Allen

Welcome to our new blog for employees, visitors and customers of We are a gardening company that began over 25 years ago as a specialist in Wildflower Seeds, and today, we’re the No. 1 site on the internet for home gardeners who love wildflower meadows and gardens. Over the years, we’ve added bulbs, perennials and more, but the original concept is the same: “More beauty for less work.” Today, our loyal email-subscribed membership numbers is growing quickly (You’re welcome to join up.), and we have up to 15,000 gardeners visiting our website every day. All our wildflower seeds are hand-packed, our bulbs and plants are grown by the best growers in the US and Holland, and we are proud of our good reputation for customer service. Even though we’ve grown tremendously, we still value and carefully tend to each customer and each order, large or small. The same reason most wildgardeners choose wildflowers holds true today for everything we sell. That’s why our website is positioned for ”creative gardeners”–in other words, gardeners who use their heads in addition to their shovels, seeds and soil. With less time to garden than our parents and grandparents might have had, we refuse to give up the real pleasures of gardening; we just have to be more creative. This concept guides our choice of products, how-to instructions, and everything else. strives to help you have the most elaborate garden you can imagine–without all the time, cost and fuss it used to take to create it. We hope you enjoy our website at and this blog. For more information about and our company history, visit About Usat our website. For more on American Meadows and the hundreds of media stories that have appears about our company, visit our News Room.
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