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why plant a Flower Bulb?

Plant Ranunculus For Lush and Colorful Rose-Like Blooms

Why Plant Ranunculus Flower Bulbs?

Ranunculus, also known as Persian Buttercups, are known for their full, petal-packed flowers. Cup-shaped blooms emerge on strong, wiry stems, held over ferny foliage in late spring. Ranunculus are often grown for cut flowers, adding sophistication to any arrangement.

Native to mountainous, high-elevation climates, Ranunculus are cool-season bloomers that perform best in sunny sites that are not too hot. They are hardy in zones 8-10, and often grown as annuals in cooler zones.

Bulbs can be planted in spring or fall: in spring, bulbs can be planted outside in any zone; in fall, bulbs can be planted outside in zones 8-10, while in cooler zones 1-7, bulbs should be started indoors and moved outdoors in spring after risk of frost has passed.