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Gardening Community

Looking for gardening ideas, information and inspiration? Interested in sharing your gardening stories and photos? You've come to the right place.

We've gathered the best in-depth, easy-to-understand information on wildflower, perennial, herb, flower bulb and vegetable gardening to help you grow with confidence. For more than 25 years we've been connecting with gardeners across the country and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience our customers have to share. Welcome to our Gardening Community!

We've received great photos and stories from our members for over 25 years and have gathered them into our Members Meadows library. Organized by region and by the type of plants, it's packed with great ideas and how-to tips.

Curious who you're chatting with when you call American Meadows? Visit Our Garden Experts to read about our staff gardeners. When you contact American Meadows, you can be confident you're reaching a knowledgeable fellow gardener.

The Tool Shed is where you'll find our Gardening Guides, the how-tos, tips and references that help you get the most from your garden. You can determine your US Hardiness Zones and research your US State Flowers State Flowers, too. You can learn more About American Meadows, too.