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Whether you're a landscaper, golf course superintendent or work for the Department of Transportation, American Meadows has the best selection of bulk Wildflower Seed, Bulbs and Perennial Plants for your large project -- Guaranteed! We're the experts in our field and would love to help you plan your next planting. Simply call, email or live chat with our garden experts six days a week!

Large Wildflower Seed Plantings

Hydroseeding WildflowersEach year, we work with hundreds of golf courses, Departments of Transportation and landscaping companies to help decide which Wildflowers would be best for their planting. Whether you use one of our already-formulated Mixtures or we design a mixture specifically for your property, planting Wildflowers is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add gorgeous landscaping that lasts year after year.

Want to learn more about Wildflowers? Watch the Seed Man's two part video series below or read our complete guide "How to Create your Own Wildflower Meadow." It's much easier than you would imagine.

Wildflower Planting Videos

Planting Bulbs for a Burst of Spring Blooms

Tulip Field
If you're looking for an easy to way to add spring color to a customer's property or want a burst of blooms around your company's sign, bulbs are the answer! They are easy to grow (dig, drop, done) and we offer bulk pricing. Read more about planting bulbs here. View our entire selection of Fall-Planted Bulbs here.

Planting at UVMPerennial Plants

If you're a landscape designer or are looking to create a formal (or not-so-formal) garden bed, Perennial Plants are the solution! We have over 250 varieties that are guaranteed to grow in your garden. Whether you are planting in shade, sun, dry soil or wetlands, you can use our search filter on the left of each page to find the varieties for your property. Looking to plant a larger area? No problem, we sell many varieties by the tray and offer bulk pricing. Have questions? Simply chat with us live by going to any of our Perennial pages or email us. Learn all about planting Perennials by reading our guide "Planting Perennials."

Commercial Customer Stories & Testimonials

Here at American Meadows we are known for our gardening knowledge and impeccable customer service. Our Vice President of Sales, Mike Lizotte, has been working at American Meadows for over 30 years and works with our commercial accounts every step of the process -- From deciding what to plant, helping with planting instructions, to following up and making sure everything grew to satisfaction. It's no surprise we have too many positive reviews to count! We wanted to share a few of our favorite reviews and commercial plantings with you below.

Ritz Carlton Resort and Golf Course in Orlando, Florida

Ritz Carlton Golf Course

Wildflowers on a Golf CourseReview of our All Annual Mixture:

"I planted all 250,000 seeds in a small area prone to weeds. I think all 250,000 seeds came up, although I didn't count them. Needed very little watering to keep them coming up. Thick enough growth to keep 99% of weeds out. Colors are fantastic. Planted in spring of this year and even in October, after much wind and rain, they are still blooming. I can't find anything bad to say about this product from American Meadows. Will definitely purchase from them again" - Richard, OR

Review of our All Perennial Mixture:

"We spread these in our under-tended urban park, and the results have been smashing. The results last for years and require minimal care for maximum effect. Thanks!" - Brad, IL

West Virginia Department of Transportation

Virginia Wildflowers

Wildflower MixReview of our Dry Area Mixture:

"We live in an extreme area. Over 6,000ft, desert, and very windy. Did not know if any of these seeds would grow. We had to water to combat the extreme wind and heat but they were wonderful and brought some 'life' back to the desolate desert we have moved to. We will be ordering more next year. Its a different look from nursery, potted type plants and the birds love it!" - Dana, WY

Review of our Southeast Mixture:

"Our conservation project never looked better. The planting of the Southeast Wildflower Mix has given visual beauty and purpose to areas along roadsides and underneath powerlines. Wildlife such as bees and butterflies appeared the first year of growth. We plan on planting even more this Fall planting season adding the All Annual Wildflower Mix." - Goodwin Conservation, GA

Customer Photo of their Barn and Wildflowers

Wildflower Mix

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