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Includes: CO, ID, MT, NV, ND, Eastern OR, SD, UT, Eastern WA, & WY. In Canada: MB, SK, & AB.

West Wildflower Seeds

All of the wildflower seeds that we sell are lab tested to ensure the best possible germination rates. We do not sell any genetically modified seeds (GMO).The wildflower seeds below are appropriate for the West, and we have also provided links to our specialty categories.

The Wildflowers of the West

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The beautiful region of our Mountain West is home to many of our treasured native plants. Gardeners in the region can easily establish a wild flower meadow, but certain procedures need to be followed.

While elevations and temperature ranges are widely varied, the most important issue is water availability. Wildflowers are tough, but like any plants, to become established, they must have moisture. Most importantly, plant your seed near the beginning of the rainiest season for your area. Planting can be successful in fall or spring.

Our Proven Wildflower Seeds Mixture for the West has been a best-seller in your region for decades, and our premium All-Native Wildflower Mix for the West has even more of the area's native species.

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