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Ten Colorful Plant Combinations

Marigolds and Black Eyed Susan blooming around mail box

By Amanda

We are constantly in awe of, and inspired by, our customer and employee gardens. The color combinations are breathtaking and we've put together ten of (just some) of our favorites to help inspire you and plan your garden for next season. Below each photo you'll find a list of plants to get the look for your garden.

1. Summer Pop Of Color

Garden full of blooming perennials and spring bulbs

2. Whimsical Spring Blooms

Allium and columbine in bloom in garden

3. An Annual Wildflower Dream

Red Poppies growing within Blue Cornflower

4. Bright Perennial Blooms

Bearded Iris Perennial Garden

6. Easy-to-Grow Wildflower Color

Meadow of Zinnia and Cosmos

7. Burst Of Sun-Loving Summer Blooms

Dahlia blooming with Gladiolus

8. A Rainbow Of Perennial Color

Mixed perennial garden with many colors of blooms

9. A Lily Daydream

daylilies in the garden

10. A Classic Wildflower Combination

Perennial Lupine and Daisies blooming in a meadow

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