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2012 Spring Photo Contest Winners

by Amanda

tulip bleeding heart

After receiving over 700 entries, we are excited to announce the four photos that won our Spring 2012 Photo Contest. We hope you enjoy their pictures and stories that go along with them. Thank you to all who entered - We loved every photo!

Grand Prize Winner: Monica W. in Chicago, IL. Picture of Tulips & Bleeding Hearts

Monica writes of her city garden, "Our perennial garden is located on the north side of Chicago. It is anchored by a 60 foot silver maple so totally a shade oasis. One of my favorite seasons is spring, when tulips, daffodils, and bleeding hearts appear. Their colorful splendor make the garden a place to relax, read a book or weather permitting enjoy a glass of wine. Photographing the garden is a hobby of mine, trying to capture the changes of each flower every day." 

Winner: Linda S. in Pennsylvania. Picture of Sunflowers & Cosmos

sunflowers and cosmos

Linda says this of her wildflower oasis, "I have been buying wildflower seeds and bulbs from you for some years now and always have such beautiful gardens. I have four meadow areas that we plant; all of them with a different theme. The photo that you chose is one with mostly annuals (which I love). There are a mixture of Cosmos, (pinkie, dazzler, gloria, purity and radiance--all in one mixture) and sunflower mixture and some zinnia. I actually have people stop when driving by the area and they come to see the gardens. The gardens are spectacular!"

Winner: Leslie R. Picture of Mixed Tulips


Leslie says this about her tulips, "Gardening and nature photography are two of my passions. Flower photography is of particular interest to me since the colors can be so vibrant. The tulips in this garden were planted three years ago. Since the garden was in full bloom, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase its beauty. I focused on the red tulips because of the color contrast with the green stems. Photography fascinates me since it captures a moment in time that can never be replicated exactly the same way again. Sharing my photography allows a viewer to stop- even for a moment- and see something new or something he/she has seen many times before but perhaps in a slightly different way."

Winner: Donald N. Picture of Tulips & Creeping Phlox

Donald says, "I am a rank amateur - just throw 'em in the ground and smile if something comes up. It's just fun for me. Shouda been a farmer, I guess."

Again, thank you to all who entered and keep your eyes out for another photo contest starting soon!

tulips and creeping phlox