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5 Reasons to Plant Wildflowers This Year

By: Amanda

It’s not surprising that most of us here at American Meadows are wild about Wildflowers. With the Seed Man leading the way, we’ve all added Wildflowers to our gardens – big or small – and still can’t get enough. Why not make an easy, positive goal to plant Wildflowers this year?

We know this is your year for Wildflowers, because:

1. Planting Wildflowers is easy. It couldn’t get any easier than Wildflowers. It’s as simple as removing existing growth, scattering seed on to bare soil, stepping on the area and watering regularly just until sprouts are a few inches tall. Want more in-depth planting information? Read our how-to guide here and see the Seed Man’s planting videos here.

2. Planting is fun. Spring or fall, we always have a blast planting Wildflowers. The scent of the overturned soil and the excitement of planting something you know will become a spectacular focal point in the garden is exhilarating. It’s also a GREAT activity for little gardeners – Wildflowers are easy and an extremely rewarding experience for a child’s first garden.

3. Great for Pollinators. Wildflowers are an integral part to the pollinators' existence in nature, offering them an abundance of easy-to-pollinate choices in their native areas. Learn more about how Wildflowers help pollinators in our article here.

4. Good for the Environment. Wildflowers occur naturally throughout the world and play a key role in the ecosystems in which they naturally occur. They can also naturally fix problems on your property such as an unsightly septic area, water runoff from a roof, and much more.

5. Good for You. Gardening not only offers health benefits from the physical activity and calorie burning, but according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute it can also help lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. It also is an AMAZING stress reducer and is extremely therapeutic.

So this year, resolve to do something that is good for you, the environment and your landscape – Plant Wildflowers! Happy Gardening!