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by Amanda

cottage-cutting-garden-1 This season, a gardener in Southern Vermont decided to nix her usually-large vegetable garden. In its place, she planted a variety of annuals in the early spring to cut for her daughter’s late August wedding. The results are impressive, breathtaking and very colorful. She even had extras in mid-September to give away to my family to help decorate a baby shower. We hope you enjoy as much as we do! Varieties: - Snapdragons - Zinnias - Verbena (tall, purple flower) - Salvia (purple/blue spiky flower) - Ageratum (short, purple flower) - Gompherna (fuchsia, ball-like flower) cottage-cutting-garden-3 cottage-cutting-garden-2 baby-shower-flowers-700 baby-shower-flowers-700-2 baby-shower-flowers-700-3