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by Amanda

Besides being wonderfully fragrant, lilies create a spectacular show in any garden. We love them because they are easy to grow, great for planting between existing growth, and are absolutely stunning as cut flowers in bouquets. We want to share more information regarding the different types of lilies - there are more than you think! [caption id="attachment_3334" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Oriental Lily Coldplay"]Oriental Lily Coldplay - Fall Planted Bulb[/caption] 'Wild' Lilies or 'Species' Lilies These are the true wildflowers from the world over. They are descended from the glamorous hybrids. We're fortunate to have some of these botanical treasures on our list of lilies this season like our Martagon Wild Lily. Oriental Hybrid Lilies Oriental Hybrids are the now famous, very fragrant lilies with large, flattened flowers such as Space Star and white Coldplay. They are very popular in the floral trade, but are also very easy to grow. They bloom from mid-summer through early fall. Most have very large, outward-facing, fragrant flowers. Asiatic Hybrid Lilies Asiatic Lilies are today's largest group of garden lilies, quite easy to 'naturalize'. This growing group of lilies was begun by hybridizers in the US and were first called 'Mid-Century Hybrids.' Compared to Orientals, the Asiatic Hybrid lilies bloom earlier (early to mid summer), the plants are shorter, the flowers a bit smaller, and most blooms are upward-facing and star-shaped. Some of the most famous Asiatic Hybrids are yellow 'Connecticut King,' and the famous red 'Gran Paradiso.' [caption id="attachment_3335" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Orange Tiger Lily"]Orange Tiger Lily - Fall Planted Bulb[/caption] Tiger Lilies This group is led by the famous old orange wild lily, which used to be called Lilium tigrinum. Botanists have changed that to Lilum lancifolium, but that doesn't stop most people (including us) from using the old name 'tigrinum.' From the original orange, the hybridizers have created new colors, including white and pink. All have the large flowers, black spots, and tough perennial qualities of the original. (By the way, don't call any old spotted orange lily 'tiger lily'. This one is the real thing, and no lily common name is more mis-used.) [caption id="attachment_3342" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Oriental Lily Space Star"]Oriental Lily Space Star - Fall Planted Bulbs[/caption] Trumpet Lilies Sometimes called 'Aurelian Hybrids' or other names, the large, tall trumpet lilies are all descended from The Regal Lily, a white wild species lily from China. All are incredibly fragrant and wonderful for cutting. They grow tall and often need staking; a well-grown stalk can have over 15 huge flowers. We love lilies and hope that you have learned a little more about the multitude of beautiful varieties. We carry a wide selection of lilies that are sure to create a lovely, fragrant statement in any garden. Happy Gardening!