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by Amanda

Butterfly Weed

Honeybees are integral to our food system; they pollinate many fruits, nuts and vegetables, helping crops grow and produce. Recently, the bee population has been declining worldwide, which can be harmful to our eco-system in many ways. Agricultural agencies, environmental workers and farmers have been trying to solve the bee problem for several years, and it really starts with you – the gardener.

Bees need nourishment from nectar and pollen, so as a gardener, planting a diverse variety of flowers and herbs can go a long way. Native varieties are great for bees in your area and it is extremely helpful to plant easy-to-pollinate varieties.

Gaillardia SeedEasy-to-Pollinate Varieties that Bees Love:

Other than planting bee-friendly varieties in your garden, you can also provide bees a clean source of water to drink. Whether it’s a small-scale water feature or rainwater collection system, keeping bees hydrated is extremely important. Taking it one step further, you could contact your department of transportation and see if they have the budget to plant Wildflower Seeds along the highways and public roads in your area. This will help the bee population in your area tremendously.

Did you know? Bees Pollinate an Estimated 33% Percent of All Crops (


Gardeners can really make a difference in the movement to help restore the bee population and keep crops producing in a healthy, natural way. Happy Gardening!