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Best Wildflower Seeds Available

We only offer non-gmo, neonicotinoid-free, 100% pure wildflower seeds!


American Meadows wildflower seed products have been a favorite with gardeners all across the country for over 35 years. All of the mixtures that we sell at American Meadows are non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free*, and 100% pure seed with absolutely no fillers.

*Neonicotinoids are widely-used agricultural insecticides that are proven to kill bees. You will not find them in our seeds.

Best Wildflower Seeds Available?
See the 3-reason difference for yourself:

  1. About those Fillers.... When comparing American Meadows wildflower mixtures to those found at a big box store, you'll immediately notice a huge difference in the numbers.

    growing wildflowers

    We are proud to offer 100% filler-free seeds - the best wildflower seeds available. Many other products are listed as 99% filler and just 1% seed. Always be sure to check for the seed-to-filler ratio when shopping for wildflower seed.

    "When growing wildflowers, it's always great to start with a high-quality product. You want to actually see seeds; a lot of seeds."

    Mike "The Seedman" Lizotte
  2. But what about Variety? The amount of variety that you'll find in our American Meadows wildflower seed mixes is unparalleled. For example, our northeast wildflower blend contains 26 different annual and perennial wildflowers, while a similarly-named mix from a big box store only contains about 15 different varieties - and they happened to be mostly annuals.

    best wildflower seeds available

    Our mixes will give you an average of 1/3 more variety and color at bloom-time when compared to mixes sourced at a Big Box store.

    "Most of our wildflower mixes contain a nice blend of both annuals and perennials, not only to give you a big splash of color in the first growing season with the annuals, but also to ensure plenty of color during the second and successive seasons from the perennials."

    Mike "The Seedman" Lizotte
  3. Let's talk Overall Value: One-quarter pound of our American Meadows mix is $9.95, which happens to be the average price for a Big Box store blend as well. However, when comparing seed to seed and considering the amount of filler, that puts the American Meadows mix at about five times as much seed per pound.

    When comparing seed to seed and accounting for the amount of filler included, American Meadows mixes average between 5 to 20 times more seed in each package as Big Box store blends.

    quality wildflower seeds

More variety, 100% pure seed, and overall better value is why American Meadows has been a leader for over 35 years in the wildflower industry.