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How to Care for your Holiday Greens

Holiday Centerpieces

Care for your Centerpiece
This centerpiece is made from fragrant cut greens and will stay beautifully fresh for some time if you take care to keep the oasis moist and choose a location for it that is not too warm. If your arrangement includes candles, place them into it by gently twisting them into the holes that have been made in the oasis and enjoy!

Holiday Wreaths
Care for your Wreath
You are the recipient of a freshly made Vermont balsam product. Display it proudly and enjoy it.

You may notice some loose needles in the shipping box. This is a natural occurrence and is in no way indicative of an unfresh product.

For maximum enjoyment of your balsam or balsam and pine product, please mist it with water upon its arrival and occasionally during the time it is displayed. Do not display near a direct source of heat.