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Common Question Answered: When to Plant Wildflowers in the Fall

by Amanda

One of the most common questions we receive each fall is, "When should I plant Wildflowers?"

The short answer: Plant in the fall once the ground is frozen and temperatures in your area are cold enough that the seed will stay dormant until the early spring. However, we have several blogs, articles and videos that explain the process of fall Wildflower planting in much more detail, from the preparation of your soil all the way to sowing the seed. We've included these resources for you below.

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How to Plant Wildflowers in the Fall

When To Plant

Blog 1 – When to plant

In part one of his series, The Seed Man gives direction on when the best time to plant in the fall is. He outlines the times for colder and warmer regions across the country.


Blog 2 – Preparation

The Seed Man gives tricks on one of the most important aspects of wildflower seed planting – preparing the soil.

Choosing The Seed

Blog 3 – Choosing the seed

In this blog, The Seed Man highlights the best seed to plant for different regions of the country. From our regional mixtures, to individual species, he outlines which seed will do best for fall planting.

To Mow Or Not To Mow

Blog 4 – To mow or not to mow?

In the last installment, The Seed Man gives tips on maintaining your wildflower meadow in the fall. He answers the ever-popular question, “To mow or not to mow?”

Other Wildflower Guides

Tips on Commercial Seeding of Wildflowers

In this blog, learn the best practices for planting a large area with Wildflowers.

How to Create your Own Wildflower Meadow

A very detailed article on (literally) everything you need to know about planting Wildflowers. One of our most popular pages on our site and extremely helpful!

We hope this helps to answer your questions about fall Wildflower planting. Happy Gardening!