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Picking Container-Perfect Plants

Whether you're gardening in a small space like a balcony or windowsill, or you're looking to add color and texture to your patio, container gardening gives you a chance to grow flowers just about anywhere!

You can find a wonderful variety of Perennial Plants, Summer-Blooming Bulbs, and even Wildflowers that thrive in containers, creating a huge statement in any space, big or small.

Perfect Perennials for Containers

Perennials are the cornerstone of many gardens for their hardiness, gorgeous color and longevity. Many gardeners planting small-space gardens don’t realize that there is a multitude of perennial plants that thrive in containers, creating a gorgeous, multi-seasonal statement year after year.

  • Try the shade-loving, compact Astilbe Younique Pink. The vibrant plumes are shorter than other Astilbe, making this perfect for containers. 
  • The shorter Peony Top Splendid delights with full, gorgeous blooms that will fill your balcony or small-space garden with fabulous fragrance.
  • Violas are a popular container plant and our Viola Columbine does not disappoint, boasting a multitude of spectacular blue and white blooms. 
  • Gaillardia is a tough, dependable perennial that is compact, making most of our varieties perfect for containers.

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viola columbinne
Viola Columbine

Perfect Plant Collections for Containers

Not sure how to decide which plants will work together? Choose one of our container collections! They're carefully designed by our garden experts, who pair plants that grow together well and have similar needs for water, light, and soil. You'll easily find a container collection (or two) that you love.

Remember, having a small garden does not mean you have limited options! Try compact or dwarf varieties of your favorite perennials and get creative with fun containers. Use your imagination to pair plants, or keep it simple with one of our collections. You'll have a thriving container garden in no time!

begonia mix

Begonias on a windowsill

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