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Coreopsis: A Garden Staple from Coast to Coast

by Amanda

Coreopsis, also known as Tickseed, is a perennial superstar in gardens from Maine to California. Native to the Great Plains, Coreopsis is drought-tolerant and resilient, making it the perfect choice in almost any garden. This deer-resistant perennial’s bright, gorgeous blooms ignite the garden in the summer through the fall.

Although originally a native Wildflower to the Great Plains, botanists have been working hard to hybridize Coreopsis into a rainbow of colors and sizes, making it an even more versatile perennial than it was before. The selections today range from the tough, heavy-flowered Grandifloras to the newer, more delicate versions – All in spectacular colors and dependably perennial in almost any American garden.

If you have a smaller garden and want to experience this easy-to-grow, colorful perennial, try planting the yellow Coreopsis Sunrise, red Coreopsis Mercury Rising, or bi-colored pink/dark pink Coreopsis Heaven’s Gate. All three varieties grow to be less than 1.5 feet tall and are the perfect burst of color in your smaller summer garden.

Varieties that grow to be about two feet are the gorgeous Coreopsis Star Cluster and Sweet Dreams, both boasting pure white blooms offset by deeply-colored centers. Coreopsis Early Sunrise, Moonbeam and Full Moon all bloom a cheerful yellow, but have distinctly different blooms. Coreopsis Route 66 is a unique favorite, blooming bright yellow and maroon.

Whether you are a gardening in New Mexico or New Hampshire, Coreopsis is sure to be the staple of your perennial garden, delighting the summer garden with bright, cheerful blooms year after year.