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Create a Grand, Colorful Statement with Hollyhocks

by Amanda

Hollyhocks, also known as Alcea, not only create bright, dependable color in the summer garden, but also provide many practical uses for your property. We love this garden classic and wanted to share its benefits with all of you.

Hollyhocks grow to be about 5’ and taller, making them perfect for creating a colorful backdrop in the border of your garden. Hollyhocks arealso great for planting in front of electrical panels and other unsightly views on your property.

They also attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden and make for gorgeous cut bouquets. We’ve heard that the Hollyhock Charter’s Mix is Martha Stewart’s favorite, as she grows it for fall bouquets. It is also said that Hollyhock stems, once they die down in the fall, can be used as firewood.


Hollyhocks have been known and identified since the early 19th century, originally boasting large, double blooms that are almost fluffy-looking. Since then, botanists have hybridized the plant to have many different forms. We carry a large variety of Hollyhocks in bare root form, meaning as biennials they should bloom in the first season.If you’re looking to start Hollyhocks from seed,we carry Alcea rosea in seed form.

 Happy Gardening!