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Great Brands Grow With Us: Gallery Of Custom Seed Packets From American Meadows

We’ve worked with brands small and large over the years to bring fresh, unique campaigns to life. Each brand chose American Meadows to craft environmentally-friendly custom seed packets. Why? We offer fast turnaround, great prices, and proven success with custom seed packets!

Below, you can browse just a small selection of the great brands we've worked with over the years. You'll see a wide range of creative custom seed packets from local honey companies, famous musicians, Ivy League universities, and more! Custom seed packets are a great way to send a message, whether you want to...

  • Showcase a new product or innovation,
  • Promote your mission-driven or philanthropic endeavors,
  • Share a coupon code with customers, or 
  • Find an interesting way to say Thank You

Develop a fresh way to differentiate your brand from the rest. Create your memorable and unique custom seed packet today!


The Oakland Athletics

Local Hive Honey

Sheryl Crow

Supreme | A clean and simple design, filled with heirloom red poppy seeds. The message on the back reads "The world’s most popular ornamental poppy. A symbol of wartime sacrifice, grown for its striking beauty and remembrance."

The Oakland Athletics | This packet was designed to share a coupon code for $10 off tickets to a baseball game. Filled with Sunflowers to match the team's signature green & gold colors. 

Local Hive Honey | This honey company in Colorado designed a packet to raise awareness for pollinators, and encourage customers to plant pollinator-friendly wildflowers. The message on the back reads: "Let's Grow From Coast to Coast.  These seeds can go anywhere to support pollinators everywhere. By planting these wildflowers, you’re helping us care for the bees who pollinate many of our favorite foods and plants, from almonds in California to oranges in Florida."

Sheryl Crow | The famous singer and songwriter shared a collection of wildflowers to honor her Southern roots. The message on the back reads:  "A premium blend of Southern favorites. This mixture of 26 wildflowers offers quick color the first year from annuals, plus a strong increase of blooms from perennials. ideal for Southeastern climates."


Savannah Bee Company


Blue Apron™

Sue Bee® Honey

Savannah Bee Company | This honey company designed a packet to support awareness for honeybees and make it easy for customers to plant bee-friendly flowers. "Plant these seeds to support honeybees and encourage pollination for a healthier ecosystem... Savannah Bee is a proud parent & supporter of The Bee Cause Project, raising a generation that understands, loves, and protects the honeybees."

HIPPEAS | This snack food company created a packet to shine a light on their mission-related work with the Whole Kids Foundation The back of the packet reads: “Taste Good and Do Good." That’s our motto. Our tasty puffs are made out of chickpeas, the humble little legume doing big things. Chickpea plants naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow. So they’re good for the planet simply by being themselves. So grab a bag of seeds and a pack of HIPPEAS® and spread the Peas & Love, one chickpea at a time."

Blue Apron | The meal-kit company created a packet that would allow customers to grow pea shoots, a simple, fresh ingredient at home. The back of the packet reads: "Pea shoots are the early growth of leaves of the pea plant. The shoots are excellent for garnishing your favorite warm-weather dishes and adding pleasing texture to salads. Incredibly tender and flavorful, they're a true seasonal gem."

Sue Bee® Honey | This national brand created a packet to help support the American honey bee and agriculture in the U.S. with bee-friendly wildflowers. The message on the back reads: "Growing these gorgeous wildflowers will provide nectar and pollen to American honey bees – helping to rebuild honey bee populations and supporting pollination of U.S. agriculture."


Brown University


Notre Dame of Maryland University

Brown University | This Ivy League institution created a packet for a unique way to share the message about a new learning and professional development system. A seed packet is the perfect way to plant the seeds of knowledge! 

Kashi | In alignment with their brand, the popular plant-based food company created a series of vegetable seed packets to give away to customers with their purchase, giving customers encouragement to grow fresh, healthy veggies at home. This design included kale seeds, and a second design included tomato seeds. 

Notre Dame of Maryland University | The university created a seed packet as a thoughtful and inspiring gift for donors, with wildflower seeds that are symbolically meaningful to the university. The message on the back reads: "The cornflower was selected to represent Notre Dame of Maryland by Sister Mary Meletia and her students circa 1915. The blue of the flower is similar to “Notre Dame blue,” signifying the dignity of the human person. Cornflowers are annuals—they will bloom this year and reseed to bloom in subsequent years. Likewise, your gift today will immediately impact NDMU, and your annual commitment will sow the seeds for future growth and innovation."