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American Meadows (USD) English

by Amanda

Dahlias Purple Rain MixAlthough weeding, watering, staking and all the other get-your-hands-dirty aspects of gardening are therapeutic to many, some gardeners are looking for an easy-to-plant, easy-to-grow solution for a space filled with blooms. Fortunately, there are quite a few varieties of seed, bulbs, and plants that require little care, staking, and are disease-resistant. Many wildflower varieties are extremely easy to grow and will produce blooms almost effortlessly. Annual varieties that will bloom in weeks after planting are Marigolds, Cornflower, Sunflowers, Cosmos, and Baby’s Breath. These varieties require little care and will provide a rainbow of blooms. If you are looking for a more permanent wildflower meadow, try easy-to-grow perennial varieties such as Black-Eyed Susan, Daisies, or Echinacea – All require little care, but some patience as they will not bloom until the second season. Flower bulbs provide showy, large blooms that many gardeners fall in love with both in the garden and cut for bouquets. Spring-planted bulbs that don’t require any staking Tulip/Daffodil Mixand are easy to grow are Calla Lilies and Dahlias. These two breath-taking varieties are simple to grow, will provide gorgeous blooms with ease, and there are dozens of colors to choose from. Fall-Planted Bulbs are the epitome of effortless blooms; All you really need to do is a dig a hole, drop in your Daffodils, Tulips, Allium, or Crocus, and cover with soil. After an initial water to remove air pockets, it is just an (exciting) waiting game until spring when your garden is painted with a rainbow of hues. Echinacea MixGardeners that are looking for an easy-care garden bed filled with perennials should consider varieties such as Echinacea, Butterfly Bushes, Bee Balm, Daylilies, Hibiscus, and Hollyhocks. These stunning perennial varieties are easy to grow, will thrive in most parts of the country, and do not require any staking. Once established, they will provide years of enjoyment with colorful, fragrant blooms in your garden bed. What are some of your favorite low-maintenance plants in your garden? Feel free to comment below! Happy Gardening!