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by Amanda

With huge, unique leaves larger than almost anything you will see in the garden, Elephant Ears create a bold statement in any space. We are excited to be carrying ten unique varieties of Elephant Ears for spring planting. Whether you are planting Elephant Ears in the garden to offset your favorite blooms or on their own in containers, these lush, tropical beauties are sure to become the show-stopper of your summer garden.

Gardeners in all regions have fallen in love with Elephant Ears not only for their large foliage and unique qualities, but their versatility in the garden. I remember my mother always having a large, regal-looking planter on our back patio every summer that was always home to a stunning Elephant Ear plant. They can also be planted in the garden as a screen or as a background statement for your favorite plants and flowers. Regardless of which variety you grow, Elephant Ears will quickly become your favorite foliage plant in the garden!

These luscious-green beauties quickly shoot up big, green spears that unfurl into some of the largest leaves in the plant kingdom. In good soil, the leaves can reach 4-5 feet across and the new variety, Thailand Giant, can grow to be larger than you are! Just one bulb or cut-back plant (we send them in both forms), will create a large leafy pant, like a tropical fountain of green. Sangria’s beautiful, light green foliage is offset by bright red stems. Madeira is a new dwarf variety, for smaller containers and gardens. Black Stem adds drama to the summer garden with a wonderful contrast of bright green foliage and black stems. Bikini-Tini’s cup-shaped leaves fill with water in the rain! Or, try our upward-facing varieties for a different style of foliage.

With 10 unique varieties of Elephant Ear plants that you will not find in the big gardening centers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try one of these huge, tropical beauties in your garden this spring!

Happy Gardening!