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"Enormous, Beautiful Blooms - A Must Have!"

by Amanda

Who doesn’t love rave reviews? Below are a handful of our favorite 5 Star Customer Reviews of fall-planted bulbs, along with the pictures they sent in of their blooms. Enjoy! One Iowa Gardener’s Pink Impression Tulips left quite the impression on her. She left a rave review and sent in a picture of her blooms!

“Enormous, Beautiful Blooms – A Must Have! American Meadows' Darwin tulips are prime stock and have never failed to be less than outstanding in my flower beds. They bloom every year and neighbors stop to admire them on a daily basis when in bloom.”

This customer in Mountain View, California, left this review about our Mount Hood Daffodils and even sent in a picture of her blooms! 

“These flowers are exquisite, endearing and touching all at the same time… I love them as my flower for Easter. I am allergic to lilies, so finding these daffodils was a special joy. Even grown in containers they came back the second year. I look forward to growing more.”

This customer in New Jersey was short on words but long on praise for her Red Oxford Tulips. She sent in a picture of her blooms as well!

pink impression tulips
mount hood daffodils
red oxford tulips

“Simply Awesome… A true show stopper!”

This Ohio Gardener planted our Saffron Crocus and was amazed at the results. Check out his photo!

saffron crocus

 “These are great for the Fall garden. At a time when all else ends I can still look forward to a last burst of color. I've never seen these around here and they grow with no effort. I planted these in late summer in Ohio and watered. They are beautiful and very easy to grow.”

What are your favorite spring-blooming bulbs? Feel free to comment below. Happy Gardening!