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American Meadows (USD) English

by Amanda

This fall, The Seed Man wrote a four-part series on how to plant wildflowers. From choosing the right time to plant, to preparing the soil and spreading the seed, he explains everything you need to know about planting wildflowers in the fall. If you missed the series in installments, here is a summary of each blog with links to read more on our website. Part 1 - When to plant In part one of his series, The Seed Man gives direction on when the best time to plant in the fall is. He outlines the times for colder and warmer regions across the country. Part 2 - Preparation The Seed Man gives tricks on one of the most important aspects of wildflower seed planting - preparing the soil. Part 3 - Choosing the seed In this blog, The Seed Man highlights the best seed to plant for different regions of the country. From our regional mixtures, to individual species, he outlines which seed will do best for fall planting. Part 4 - To mow or not to mow? In the last installment, The Seed Man gives tips on maintaining your wildflower meadow in the fall. He answers the ever-popular question, “To mow or not to mow?”

Wildflower Planting Videos

How to Plant a Wildflower Meadow Part I How to Plant a Wildflower Meadow Part II We hope you enjoy reading and learning from the Seed Man’s expertise - we sure do! If you have any further planting questions, chat with him live by going to any wildflower seed pages and clicking “Chat Live With The Seed Man.” Happy Gardening!