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Fabulously Floral Weddings

by Amanda

Flowers not only symbolize growth and new beginnings, but create a stunning, vibrant show of color and drama – perfect for your special day! Flowers are an inherent part of weddings, but some of our customers have taken this idea to a whole new level with creative, fun ways to use our products in their weddings – blooming or not!

Wildflower Wedding FavorsMany brides use our bulk wildflower seed as favors for their weddings. You can choose your favorite variety of flower, such as daisies, or use a regional mixture that will do well in your guest’s gardens. It adds an adorable touch to your place settings and once blooming, will remind your guests of your special day! Mike Lizotte (the Seed Man) and his wife Rachael used our All Annual Wildflower Mixture for their special day, enclosed in muslin sacks and neatly tied with a beautiful ribbon. They also attached planting instructions to the seed, of course!

Place Card Seed PacketOur Seed Packets are another option to use as favors, place card holders, or in your invitations and thank you cards. We have a variety of wedding-themed packets to choose from and all can be easily customized with an Avery Label. Jan of Illinois used our seed packets for her outdoor wedding and made them her own. “We made paper envelope holders for these packets and tied them with a ribbon and a personalized favor tag with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. They brightened up each place setting at a minimal cost and went perfectly with the outdoor wedding theme.”

Wildflower Wedding FavorsFlower bulbs are a perfect favor idea for your outdoor or flower-themed wedding. They can be wrapped in tulle, tied with ribbons, and will remind your guests of your special day when they bloom. Many brides having spring or summer weddings will use Gladiolus, Calla Lilies, or Dahlias. Laura of California gave Daffodil bulbs out at her fall wedding. “We gave daffodil bulbs (the flower meaning "I love you only") as wedding favors at our October wedding in 2006. Every year I get phone calls telling me how they not only came back, but with more flowers than the year before. (That was the corny metaphor for love itself.) American Meadows, your bulbs are still bringing happiness five years later!”

Brides who just can’t get enough wildflowers will have a “wildflower wedding.” They will plan ahead and plant a large area with wildflower seed, timed to be bursting in blooms for their outdoor wedding. Jennifer from New York is doing just this: “I received my seeds today, for my wildflower wedding meadow! I can't wait to wrestle back about an acre of last year's high growth with some rental equipment and then plant millions of seeds!!!”

We love hearing how our customers have used wildflower seed, bulbs, and plants in their own fabulously floral weddings.

Happy Gardening!