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by Amanda

Many gardeners live in drought-prone areas where it is necessary to conserve water, which means a lot needs to go into the “planning and organizing” phase of gardening, even before the gloves come on. Other gardeners, Daylily Original Orangein places like the Northeast, may not need to conserve water, but choose to plant drought resistant varieties to help save on their water bill or give themselves less work in the garden. Whatever your reason may be to go drought tolerant, we have several hardy, easy-to-grow perennial varieties that are perfect for almost any garden.

Daylilies are a great choice for conserving water. They also give you a lot of ‘bang for your buck,’ as they multiply each year and are easy to divide and move. We have a variety of Daylilies for fall planting this season. Try the re-blooming Daylily Purple D’oro for knockout, dramatic purple blooms in the summer months. The Original Orange is a true staple in many gardens throughout the US and looks gorgeous paired with the purple varieties. Other re-bloomers include Strawberry Candy, a delightful pink bi-color, and Stella D’oro, another familiar sight throughout the country. SedumBonus: Daylilies not only require minimal water, but also attract pollinators and are extremely easy to grow. View all of our Daylilies here.

Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, is known for its tolerance of dry, sunny conditions. We love Sedum because it puts on such a unique show in the late summer garden, with unique foliage giving way to gorgeous blooms in the fall garden. Sedum also is a great addition to your rock or container gardens. Try the unique Lime Zinger, vibrant Dragon’s Blood, soft Vera Jameson and more.

Echinacea Hot CoralEchinacea are another great choice for your drought resistant garden, blooming in the summer months and become a dependable and spectacular staple of the garden. Try the pure-white variety White Swan or the vibrant, red-blooming Hot Coral for a pop of color. Add texture to a shady spot with Christmas Fern, the perfect backdrop to any of your blooming plants. Salvia Lyrical Silvertone is another variety famous for its drought-resistant tendencies, adding both color and texture to the summer garden with gorgeous, spiky purple blooms.

What are your favorite drought resistant varieties that you’ve grown? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Happy Gardening!