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Fall: The Perfect Time to Get Gardening!

by Amanda

Fall PlantingThere are a variety of reasons why fall is an amazing time to garden. The cool, crisp weather is wonderful to work in, it extends your gardening season significantly and many fall planted flower bulbs and plants prefer being planted in the fall. I'll highlight several of my favorite reasons to get you excited about fall planting!

The Weather

I’ll admit, I try to plant as much as possible in the fall because I’m someone who doesn’t appreciate the heat. Don’t get me wrong – I love the summer, but there is something to be said about the calm of a cool, early fall morning. That’s why I usually plan on preparing and planting the three aspects of my garden in the fall – Wildflowers, Perennials and Spring-Blooming Bulbs. All of these can (and some do better) be planted in the fall. Fall planting actually mimics Mother Nature’s way of dropping seeds and getting ready for the winter.



As long as you have an extended period of frost, Wildflowers are an amazing candidate for fall planting. Plant after you’ve had a few killing frosts in your area and there is no chance for the seeds to germinate before the spring. You’ll be surprised at how much earlier your blooms come in the spring and summer when planted in the fall. It’s amazing! Then, come spring, you can fill in bare areas with leftover seed to make sure you have a gorgeous, full meadow or garden.

Perennial Plants

Bleeding HeartI plant perennials in both the spring and the fall. I like to plan my garden design in the fall and plant key elements then. Come spring, once I see where there may be room to squeeze JUST one more plant in, I’ll add some here and there. I also find that perennials acclimate quicker to the garden when planted in the fall and I’ll see better growth and blooms the first season. Two examples of this are a Bleeding Heart and Echinacea plant I planted last fall. I’m amazed at how large and stunning the blooms were this spring/summer with almost no maintenance work!

Flower Bulbs

Allium and LupineWe all know Spring-Blooming Bulbs are the perfect candidate for fall planting. Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths and more all require a dormant period to grow. These are the most rewarding things to plant in the garden – It’s literally ‘dig, drop, done’ to experience an amazing spectacle of blooms in the spring. If you’re in an area that doesn’t receive a hard frost, you can force your bulbs in the refrigerator.