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by Amanda

With hundreds of entries to our Spring Photo Contest, it was hard (as always) to choose just a handful of winners.

While going through the entries, we were impressed with the inspiring, colorful and spectacular wildflower meadows and gardens our customers have grown. We wanted to share a few of our favorite wildflower photos with you from the contest, every single one a close runner-up in our opinion! We hope you enjoy a glimpse into some of our customers' gardens as much as we did.

wildflower meadow in bloom
Mixed Wildflowers, submitted by Joyce A.
rudbeckia and sweet alyssum
Rudbeckia and Sweet Allysum, submitted by Tara R.
zinnia in bloom
Zinnia, submitted by Nancy R.
california poppies
California Poppies, submitted by Jamie J.
lupine with honey bee
Lupine, submitted by Connie E.
summer daisies in bloom
Daisies, submitted by Patsy E.
climbing morning glories
Morning Glories, submitted by Dawn M.
mixed sunflowers
Mixed Sunflower, submitted by Tara R.
sweet william in full bloom
Sweet William submitted by Ming H.
Zinnia, submitted by Rose W.

Have you been snapping photos of your wildflower meadow or garden in bloom? Make sure to enter them in to our Summer Photo Contest!