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Winning Photos Of 2020

Congratulations To Our 2020-2021 Winter Contest Finalists

Jonathan B. | Amaryllis Display
Hope S. | Monarch Butterfly On Lavender
Suzanne W. | Amaryllis Blooms
Gail M. | Tiger Flower and Blazing Star
William H. | Morning Cosmos
Annie N. | Frosty Wildflower Sunrise

Congratulations To Our 2020 Fall Photo Contest Finalists

Part 1: Wildflowers

Wildflower Winner: Sunflowers & Bee By Megan B.
Goldenrod & Bees By Jamie J.
Hummingbird & Bee Balm By Steve T.
Poppies & Cornflowers By Alexander B.
Meadow & Barn By Dan M.
Wildflower Glow By Ben W.
Monarch Caterpillar & Butterfly Weed By Kimberly H.

Part 2: Dahias

Dahlia Grand Prize Winner: Monarch Butterfly & Dahlia By Cathy S.
Peachy Dahlia By Tom H.
Dahlia & Honeybee By Brianne Y.
Penhill Dark Monarch Dahlia By Amy F.
Fiery Dahlia By Kathy D.
Floating Flowers By Trista A.

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