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"Get This Look"

by Amanda

Our customers take our products and plant them together in endless displays of fabulous color. We've taken a few of our favorite customer photos and explained exactly how you can "get their look" in your garden. Bonus: All can be planted this fall. Enjoy!

Tulips, Daffodils and Virginia Bluebells

tulips daffodils and virginia bluebells

These three spring-bloomers put on a magnificent show when planted together.
1. Endless Spring Purple and Pink Tulip Mixtures
2. Trumpet Daffodils Mount Hood (A gorgeous, pure-white)
3. Virginia Bluebells

Yellow Daffodils and Blue Hyacinths

daffodils hyacinths

A bold, striking combination that illuminates the early-season garden.
1. Dutchmaster Daffodils
2. Blue Jacket Hyacinths

Tulips and Creeping Phlox

tulips and creeping phlox

Plant a rainbow of Tulips with Creeping Phlox for an interesting, textured look in the spring garden.
1. Triumph Tulips Rainbow Mix 
2. Creeping Phlox Emerald Pink (Available for Spring Planting Only)

Tulips and Grape Hyacinths

tulip and grape hyacinths

This fabulous combination is famous in the spring garden, creating a wonderful variety of color and textures.
1. Triumph Tulips Rainbow Mix 
2. Grape Hyacinths

Allium and Chives

allium and chives

Who doesn't love Purple? This combination creates an elegant display in the spring garden. 
1. Purple Sensation Allium
2.Garlic Chives

We hope our customers have given you inspiration for your fall planting this season. Happy Gardening!