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American Meadows Gift Guide – Top 10 Garden-Inspired Gifts

Gift Guide: Top 10 Garden-Inspired Gifts 

We have gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season! Gardening is fun, relaxing, and makes you feel great, making these the best gifts of all. These are gifts that keep giving - your friends, family, and coworkers will think of you as they watch their plants grow. Looking for thoughtful gift ideas that can offer your loved ones a fun experience? Read on for our top 10 garden-inspired gifts.

We're here to help make gift-giving easy: to send gifts to multiple contacts, simply call our customer service team at (877) 309-7333. Send us your list, and we'll take care of the rest.

1. New! Mini Meadows Wildflower Kit

Hurry - Very Limited Quantities Available!

Our Mini Meadows Wildflower Kit is the perfect way to dig in. It includes one Mini Meadows book by Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte, plus a 1/4lb bag of our exclusive Mini Meadows Wildflower Seed Mix, and a handheld seed spreader to help sow seeds. Whether starting small or dreaming big, they'll have everything they need to grow beautiful blooms.

The Mini Meadows Kit typically ships within 48 hours of purchase.

2. Mini Meadows Book + Wildflower Seeds

For The Aspiring Wildflower Gardener

Mini Meadows, by our very own Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte, is an inspiring book with tons of helpful tips for planting colorful wildflowers just about anywhere. It's the perfect gift for gardeners who are just starting out, or anyone who loves wildflowers.

Pair the book with an easy-to-grow Wildflower Seed Mix of your choosing, their favorite wildflower seeds, or a gift card! Our seed mixes make it easy to grow a thriving and colorful meadow.

Wildflower Seeds and the Mini Meadows Book typically ship within 48 hours of purchase.

3. Give Their Favorite Flowers

For Seed Collectors & Budding Floral Designers

Though we try not to play favorites, most gardeners have those certain flowers they just can't get enough of. Why give one bouquet when you can give the bounty of wildflower seeds? Your favorite gardener can plant flowers as much as their heart desires, whether they're planting seeds on a balcony or in an expansive meadow. They'll be so excited for spring!

Wildflower seeds typically ship within 48 hours of purchase.

4. Pre-Planned Gardens

For New Homeowners & Gardeners With Style

Pre-Planned Gardens make great gifts! For someone who might just be starting their garden, like a new homeowner or a beginning gardener, you can give the gift of professional garden design. Our Pre-Planned Gardens are also loved by experienced gardeners who want to save time designing a garden with plants that have bloom times and colors that will work well together.

Pre-Planned Gardens will ship in spring, at the right time to plant. They always sell out early, so reserving one for the holidays is a great gift! Print a picture of the garden you've chosen, and enclose it in a card or small box to give as a surprise.

5. Spring Flower Bulb Collections

For Trend-Setting Gardeners & Picture Perfect Blooms

Our bulb collections make it easy to grow beautiful, harmonious flowers for garden beds and floral arrangements.  Give the gift of a praise-worthy garden, without the work of planning. Each collection is created with easy-to-grow varieties that will grow into full-sized plants in just one season. Dahlias are definitely this year's trendiest flowers, and their beautiful blooms are always picture perfect.

Spring-planted flower bulbs ship in spring, at the right time to plant. Popular flowers often sell out early, so reserving favorites now is a great gift! Print a picture of the flowers you've chosen, and enclose it in a card or small box to give as a surprise.

6. DIY Seed Starting Kits

For Friends, Kids & Beginning Gardeners

If you’re someone who enjoys crafting a homemade gift, you can put together your own simple growing kit! This is a great project, and a great gift, for gardeners of all ages. Affordable DIY Seed Starting Kits can be made with the container of your choice, a small amount of soil, American Meadows seed packets, and a nice note! Choose easy-to-grow wildflower seeds, vegetable seeds, or herb seeds for your kit, or a mix of all three. Follow our How-To guide – with a few simple steps, you can create a thoughtful gift!

Seed packets ship for free, and typically ship within 24 hours of purchase.

7. Gardening Goodies

For Colorful Friends Who Garden In Small Spaces

You can put together a great custom gift with seed packets (your favorite seeds or theirs), gardening gloves, and a colorful flowerpot or watering can. You can even upcycle planting containers or cachepots that you've found in thrift stores for an environmentally friendly gift. This a great gift for gardeners with small spaces, but can be used by someone with a garden of any garden size - from windowsill gardens to meadow gardens!

Seed packets ship for free, and typically ship within 24 hours of purchase.

8. Gardening Tools & Accessories

For Garden-Inspired Stocking Stuffers

Looking for that little something fun to complete your gift? Or need a fun surprise to fill up someone's stocking? Our Gardening tools and accessories are just what you're looking for! Bulb planters, seed spreaders, and soil amendments help make gardening easier. Bags, bumper stickers, and other fun gear help to celebrate our love for gardening!

Gardening Tools & Accessories typically ship within 48 hours of purchase.

9. Seed Packets

For Everyone On Your Holiday Card Mailing List

Seed packets are the perfect favor for just about any event – and there are so many creative ways to use them for the holidays. Send seed favors in your holiday cards, with no additional postage needed! Your holiday card will stand out, and recipients will think of you with a smile as their seeds grow. Share a bright pollinator-friendly packet as a symbol of hope, resilience, and joy for the new year.

Seed packets ship for free, and typically ship within 24 hours of purchase.

10. Gift Certificates

For Gardeners With A Vision

American Meadows gift certificates make a great present for the dedicated gardeners on your list. Your friends, family, or colleagues will enjoy shopping for just the right seeds, plants, and bulbs for their garden, and they'll think of you with a smile as their garden grows. You can't go wrong with this gift – at American Meadows, we have something for everyone!

E-Gift Certificates are delivered immediately via email, making them a perfect solution for last-minute gifting! Your friends and family can choose the right seeds, plants, and garden goods for their garden.