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American Meadows (USD) English

by Mike Lizotte

Eastern Red ColumbineIn recent years we’ve been finding more and more wildflower enthusiasts searching for or creating a wildflower garden with a “native” flare.  We’ve expanded our offering to now include over 50 Individual Species and Native Wildflower Mixtures for all parts of the United States.

There are a number of beneficial attributes that native plants bring to any garden or natural setting.  They are usually much hardier, needing less care and treatment than more “higher maintenance” varieties.   They also naturalize and are more in balance with what Mother Nature offersfor growing conditions.  Lesswater, less maintenance and easy to grow – Sounds good to me!

Butterfly WeedMany insects, birds and other animals need these native plants for survival.  Native Asters and Milkweeds are critical to the Monarch Butterfly life cycle. According to Wikipedia, about 90% of insects depend on native plants for survival!

Native plants also play a very important role in Biodiversity.  Keeping this balance is critical to all life forms; from birds, to insects and humans. Native plants play a critical part in keeping this balance in check.

New England AsterEstablishing a native wildflower area in your garden or landscape is also much easier than most realize.  The key is patience!  Most may take time to establish from seed but once they’ve matured, they will be there for years to come.  With all the different colors and textures and the positive impact Native’s play in the environment, now is a great time to add some Native Plants to your garden this year!

Happy Gardening!