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Donation of bulbs for PHS

Doing Good With The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) uses horticulture to advance the health and well-being of the Greater Philadelphia region.

Agents of Change in Pennsylvania

PHS uses horticulture to increase four building blocks of health and well-being: access to fresh food, healthy living environments, deep social connections, and economic opportunities. PHS is a diverse community of people and organizations who believe in the power of horticulture to make positive social and environmental change. PHS believes that gardening and horticulture belong to everyone.  

PHS believes in the power of horticulture to make positive social and environmental change. As a community, we invest our time, passion, and money into public gardens and landscapes that further our cause.  American Meadows began partnering with PHS in the fall of 2019 and has donated thousands of plants and bulbs each season PHS and the many programs and communities they serve.   


Mantua Rec Center -  Philadelphia, PA
Mantua Rec Center - Philadelphia, PA

Community Driven

Driven by a diverse community of more than 300,000 supporters, volunteers, and gardeners, PHS uses all its activities to advance four impact priorities: 

  • Creating healthy living environments
  • Increasing access to fresh food
  • Expanding economic opportunity
  • Building meaningful social connections 

You can learn more about the great work PHS does to support its communities here

Doing Good Together | Bulbs Not Bullets

"We received a beautiful donation of bulbs from American Meadows.  PHS has worked in the Mantua Community for several years cleaning, greening, stabilizing vacant lots and creating schoolyard gardens. A slogan that Mantua uses in their community is “Bulbs Not Bullets” and your bulb donation is helping the community create a safer, more beautiful place to live and work. Some of the bulbs will be planted at the Mantua Recreation Center as well as in church yards, school yards, senior centers, and residents’ homes in the neighborhood.  The community leaders are grateful for this donation and PHS is too."

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