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 Urban Growers Collective - Perennial donation

Doing Good With The Urban Growers Collective

Urban Growers Collective (UGC) is a Black- and women-led non-profit farm in Chicago, Illinois working to build a more just and equitable local food system.  Rooted in growing food, UGC cultivates nourishing environments which support health, economic development, healing, and creativity through urban agriculture. They provide hands-on job training and create economic opportunities for youth, beginner BIPOC farmers, and men who are at high risk for gun violence. UGC aims to provide jobs while working to mitigate food insecurity and limited access to affordable, culturally-affirming, and nutritionally-dense food. 

Urban Growers Collective receives 5000 plants from American Meadows
Our friends at the Urban Growers Collective received 5000 plants and bulbs from American Meadows in the fall of 2022

Doing Good Together

When American Meadows opened our greenhouse and order fulfillment center in Illinois over the summer of 2022, we knew we wanted to build our community in the area. We connected with Urban Growers Collective, and we were off and running right away. We were able to donate over 5,000 plants in the first fall season of our partnership! These plants are helping to create pollinator habitats throughout the UGC community, which will attract beneficial insects to support food production while also adding to the beauty of their community gardens.

Planting American Meadows flower bulbs in fall
Planting American Meadows flower bulbs in fall...
Planting American Meadows tulips growing in an Urban Growers Collective garden
... lead to a beautiful display of tulips in spring for Urban Growers Collective gardeners!


“As we expand our climate resilient strategies here in Chicago, Urban Growers Collective is so proud to be partnered with American Meadows to restore meadows and pollinator spaces in our neighborhoods that historically have deficits in green spaces.

We know that verdant and community-tended spaces improve the quality of life for humans and nature in our urban environments.  We are looking forward to learning more about meadow restoration and the opportunities for green economies that expand community expertise via our developing productive landscaping at the Green Era Campus and the farms and gardens located on the south and west sides of Chicago.”

- Erika Allen, Co-Founder and CEO, Operations for Urban Growers Collective  


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