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by Amanda

Bearded Irises are one of the most popular perennials in gardens throughout the world and we're not surprised! The endless array of colors and sizes makes this a versatile and show-stopping element of any garden. We wanted to give you several tips to make sure your new Irises get acclimated to your space and become the backbone of your perennial garden!

When to Plant

There are several times of the year to plant Bearded Iris. In the early spring, add live plants to your garden for spring and summer growth. In the summer (August and September) when Irises are dormant, plant Bearded Iris Rhizomes. August and September is also the time to divide and replant or gift roots that have become overcrowded in your gardens. We recommend doing this after about 3-5 years of growth. Make sure to plant your Irises in the summer at least 4-6 weeks before your first killing frost.

Where to Plant

Bearded Irises prefer at least 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. If you're in a hotter climate (zones 8-11), make sure your Irises get some shade during the day. Be sure to plant your Irises in well-draining soil. These plants grow especially well on slopes or in raised beds.

Soil Prep & Depth

As long as you have well-draining soil, Bearded Irises should thrive in your garden. Rhizomes should be planted at the surface of the ground. The tops of the Rhizomes should be visible and make sure to spread the roots out below the soil. One of the most common reasons why Bearded Irises don't grow is that they are planted too deep.

Other Planting Tips

Make sure to give your Rhizomes a lot of water right after planting. This helps to remove any air pockets and gives them a better chance of strong growth. Once established, Bearded Iris do not require regular watering. We recommend planting Iris 12-24 inches apart, as planting too close together results in overcrowding. Be sure to keep your garden free of weeds and other debris, to give your Irises as much sun as possible.

Do you have any tips on growing Bearded Iris? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. Happy Gardening!

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