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Lupine and Blue Flax growing in backyard meadow

Have Winter Blues? Think Spring Blues!

By Amanda

Although some claim that there can never be a true “blue” flower, gardeners and growers have worked to come as close to blue as the human eye can tell. Blue flowers illuminate in the sunlight and provide a striking, contrasting statement with their green foliage. In the spirit of planning for spring, I have highlighted some of my favorite blue flowers to try this season.

Tips For Picking Blue Plants For Your Garden

Blue Perennials are perfect for a hardy, romantic statement in the garden.

  • For those gardening in shade, try the African Lily; its waist-high, beautiful foliage sets off the full, strikingly-blue blooms.
  • Blue Wild Indigo can be planted in sun or shade and will provide a beautiful contrast to your favorite white blooms.
  • For a blue ground cover, try the Creeping Phlox Emerald Blue. This favorite perennial is easy-to-grow and fast-spreading, making it a hardy blue statement in any garden.
  • For a blue climber, try the Passion Flower Vine. It’s wonderfully unique blooms are white with blue highlights – perfect for winding around trellises and a fast-grower.

Try planting several blue Spring Bulbs for a unique, dramatic statement in a sunny part of the garden.

Try planting an all-blue wildflower meadow for a cool, relaxing statement.

  • Blue Flax is native to the US and is an extremely hardy and easy-to-grow perennial; its blooms are a lovely powder-blue.
  • Baby Blue Eyes is a beloved, quick-blooming annual that will make a lovely statement in any sunny area.
  • Try planting Morning Glories along a fence for a quick-blooming, bright statement of blue.

There are endless possibilities for blue blooms this season; try planting an all-blue garden bed or nestle striking blue flowers in with other colors such as white or yellow, to cool down the color scheme. Happy Gardening!

Blue Perennials & Wildflowers For Planting