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Hostas: The Ultimate Foliage Plant for Shade

by Amanda

Hosta, Allium and FernHostas are the ultimate foliage plant for shade. Their resiliance, versatility and endless variety of colors, shapes, and forms makes it a true garden gift that keeps on giving. Whether you're looking for a smaller variety for a shade container, or a larger Hosta to offset your favorite flowering-plants, there are sure to be (several) choices for you! Hostas, also known as Funkia or Plantain Lilies, provide interest from spring to fall, finishing off the season with a grand show of blooms. They thrive in almost any zone (3-9) and prefer partial to heavy shade, making them a must-have for almost any garden. These shade beauties grow in almost any type of soil, as long as they have some moisture. Caring for Hostas is quite simple. These perennials are vigorous growers and it is best to dig up and transplant in the early spring, just as new shoots appear. Hosta and SedumDeer tend to enjoy Hostas as an afternoon snack, so use an organic deer repellant to keep the pesky critters away. The best maintenance to prevent rot or bugs is to weed regularly and remove any decaying leaves around your plants. In the late fall, once your Hostas have died down, cut the foliage back to a few inches. Adding Hostas to your garden design is both a fun and easy process. Pair Hostas with summer-dormant plants such as Virginia Bluebells, Tulips and Bleeding Hearts. The Hostas provide extended interest in the garden after the other varieties have finished for the season. Hosta and FernIf you're planting a moonlight garden, white variegated Hostas make a great addition. Also, Hosta leaves add lovely green interest to cut bouquets.