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How to Force Bulbs Indoors for Early Blooms

by Amanda

Blue HyacinthsIf you love the colorful blooms of Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths but can't wait until spring, try forcing bulbs indoors for earlier flowers. The process is fairly simple and fun -- A great activity to do with children.

1. Choose your variety. Choose any variety of Tulip, Daffodil or Hyacinth to force indoors for early blooms. Try something you wouldn't normally plant in your garden and get creative with color combinations!

2. Chill the bulbs in the refrigerator (away from any fruits) until you are ready to plant.

3. Plant the bulbs in containers after at least 6 weeks of chilling. Use any shallow container for most bulbs. If you're planting taller varieties of Tulips or Daffodils, use a deeper container. Bury the bulbs just below the soil surface with the pointy sides sticking up. Get creative and plant several different varieties together in different containers!

Chilled Bulbs4. Chill the container in any area that is about 45 degrees fahrenheit. A refrigerator or cool (above freezing) garage will work.

5. Once the bulbs start to pop up and sprouts are about 1 inch above the surface, bring the container out of storage and place in a sunny window.Make sure to keep it in a cooler area, as too much sun and warmth will hinder growth.

6. Once in bloom, enjoy your spring preview way before bulbs in the garden have started!

Happy Gardening!