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Less Water, Less Mowing & No Pesticides: Let's Do Lawns Differently


There’s no doubt about it: lawns are a major part of the US landscape and probably aren’t going anywhere soon. Grass lawns provide an enjoyable environment for property owners and park-goers, and also support seed production and landscape maintenance industries. Who doesn't love a walk or a picnic on a soft green lawn?

Lawns are integral to our landscaping, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think about them in a new way. Instead of choosing grasses that require constant watering, pesticides, and upkeep, it makes more sense to instead choose grass varieties that are low maintenance & low water, no matter where you live. This will benefit you as a homeowner, while also helping to reduce your negative impact on the earth.

How Grass Lawns Benefit Us:

  • Lawns help absorb and filter water as it moves from the sky to waterways. Without lawns, there could be much more flooding.
  • A lot of our outside life is centered around the lawn, including playing with our children on the soft grass, enjoying a picnic, playing soccer, and throwing the ball for our dogs.
  • Lawns can help cool urban and suburban areas down, helping to deter the effects of urban heat islands.
  • Lawns can absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere, and sink it deep into the soil. 

How Lawns Negatively Affect Us:

  • Lawn care can be extremely wasteful. It uses a lot of energy to mow a lawn. Mowing makes lawn a carbon-negative part of the landscape - meaning that more carbon dioxide is generated by most lawn maintenance than the grass absorbs.
  • Lawns can use large amounts of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides which are very damaging to the environment, and harmful to the people or pets who interact with them.
  • Lawns can waste precious water resources, especially in areas where there is drought.


Our No Mow Mix provides soft, deep-green grass that requires little to no maintenance throughout the spring and summer months.


The Solution: Let's Do Lawns Differently.

We’re offering up grass varieties that create a better grass lawn solution. Our grasses need less water, less mowing, and no pesticides. They can save you time and energy from less mowing, while also growing without pesticides, and reducing the carbon imprint of your landscaping. These varieties are deep-rooted and slow growing.

Grasses That Need Less Water, Less Mowing & No Pesticides

Low Work and Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed: This low-growing, low-maintenance grass seed mixture is perfect for any lawn. The soft, green grass is extremely durable and tolerates high traffic, making it great for play areas. Like its name states, this mixture requires less mowing and water than traditional grass seed.

No Mow Lawn Grass Seed: This specially formulated mixture provides soft, deep-green grass that requires little to no maintenance throughout the spring and summer months. These varieties are also drought-resistant and easy to grow.

Short Grass Seed Mixture: The Short Grass Seed Mixture will grow to be about 12-36 inches and is comprised of Blue Grama, Sideoats Grama, Sand Dropseed, and Prairie Junegrass. This grass is low-growing, meaning it requires less mowing and tolerates dry soil and drought conditions, needing less water.

Native Grass Seed Mixes For Wildlife Habitat

Northeast Native Grass Seed Mixture: This mixture is made up of warm and cool-season grasses that are native to the Northeast and will be a hardy, long-lasting solution to any area. Comprised of Virginia Wildrye, Switchgrass, Canada Wildrye, Little Bluestem, and Indian Grass.

Southeast Native Grass Mixture: Southeast Native Grass Seed Mix is an easy-to-grow combination of grasses that are native to the Southeastern part of the United States. Featuring Little Bluestem Grass, Virginia Wildrye, Purpletop, and more, this mixture is perfect for planting in pastures and meadows. Turn your high-maintenance lawn into a low maintenance, ornamental native prairie.

Southwest Native Grass Seed Mix: Southwest Native Grass Seed Mix is comprised of seven native grasses that require little maintenance and little water. Plant this easy-to-grow mixture to create an ornamental, wildlife-friendly meadow or to replace demanding, water-hungry lawns. Provides year-long interest with Indian Ricegrass, Idaho Fescue, Plains Bristlegrass, and more. *Mixture includes ornamental varieties that are not ideal for foot-traffic.

Midwest Native Grass Seed Mix: Midwest Native Grass Seed Mix is a low-maintenance blend perfect for adding year-long interest to meadows, lawns, and garden beds. Featuring a variety of low-growing grasses native to the Midwest, including Blue Grama Grass, Sand Dropseed, and Prairie Junegrass, this mix creates habitat for birds and local wildlife. *Mixture includes ornamental varieties which is not ideal for high foot-traffic areas.

Western Native Grass Seed Mix: Western Native Grass Seed Mix is made up of seven native grasses that require little water and maintenance. Indian Ricegrass, Galletta Grass, Bluebunch Wheatgrass, and more provide year-long interest and wildlife habitat to your landscape.*Mixture includes ornamental varieties that are not ideal for high foot-traffic areas.

Pacific Northwest Native Grass Seed Mix: Pacific Northwest Native Grass Seed Mix is a low-maintenance blend that features a variety of warm and cool season grasses. Use this easy-to-grow mixture to turn your lawn into a low-water habitat for birds and wildlife. Includes Smooth Bromegrass, Blue Wildrye, Idaho Fescue, and more.*Mixture includes ornamental varieties that are not ideal for high foot-traffic areas.

This year, do your lawn differently! Choose one of these mixtures and reduce the water, mowing, and pesticides you put into your lawn. Happy Gardening!

Let's Do Lawns Differently