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by Amanda

Hardy Kiwi Anna - Female PlantWhen I first heard we were going to be carrying Hardy Kiwi plants this spring, I'll admit I was a bit hesitant. But after doing some research, these vigorous vines are actually quite simple to grow (even in our zone 5) and the small, sweet fruits are extremely sweet and satisfying!

About the Hardy Kiwi

Hardy Kiwis are also called Kiwi Berries, Hardy Kiwifruit, Grape Kiwi, and Baby Kiwi. The Hardy Kiwi Vine is native to Korea, Japan, Northern China and Russian Siberia. The fruits are very similar to the Kiwifruit but smaller and have smooth, edible skin. They can be eaten whole, without being peeled, and are much sweeter than the Kiwifruit.Hardy Kiwi Meader - Male Plant

Growing Hardy Kiwi

Growing this fruit-producing vine is really quite simple if you’re in hardiness zones 3-9 (find your zone here). First, start with both a male and a female plant. This is a must to produce fruit. We recommend planting at least one male plant for every five female plants that you have. Hardy Kiwi plants prefer full sun and average to well-draining soil.

These vigorous vines produce small, white flowers in the early summer, followed by greenish-yellow fruits in the late summer and into the fall. Be sure to provide support for the large vines and prune regularly, cutting back the non-flowering parts. Hardy Kiwi Meader - MaleTo harvest the Hardy Kiwifruits, wait as late as possible into the fall once the fruit has ripened. If you’re threatened with frost before the fruit ripens, harvest and ripen the fruits in the refrigerator.

Have any of you had experience growing Hardy Kiwis? Please post in the comments below or on our facebook page. Happy Gardening!