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mike lizotte the seed man
mike lizotte planting wildflower seeds

Meet Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte

Anyone who has had the opportunity to hear Mike Lizotte talk about wildflowers will know that his passion for these plants has deep roots! Read on to learn more about our very own wildflower seed expert here at American Meadows.

Mike has been working with American Meadows since he was just 14 years old. As a teenager, Mike helped with maintenance, seed packing, and helping around the shop on the weekends. He quickly learned to identify hundreds of seeds, and over time, learned to love the flowers they produced. As he continued working with wildflower gardeners in the shop, and continued to gain more and more knowledge about growing wildflowers, Mike earned the nickname "The Seed Man." 

One of Mike's favorite elements of working with wildflower gardeners across the country is seeing the pride and enjoyment that results from growing wildflowers successfully. That inspired and motivated Mike to continue growing his career at American Meadows. In 2009, Mike and his business partner Ethan Platt took over the American Meadows seed business. Today, Mike's enthusiasm runs strong! He continues to share his wealth of knowledge, helping and encouraging gardeners to grow wildflowers wherever they can. 

He Wrote The Book On Wildflowers!

In 2019, Mike Lizotte published a fun, accessible, and inspiring book about planting wildflowers, called Mini Meadows: Grow a Little Patch of Colorful Flowers Anywhere Around Your Yard

If you want to grow wildflowers in containers, along your walkway, to replace your lawn -- truly anywhere -- this book will help you grow successfully! The word "meadow" conjures up romantic images of wide, grassy expanses dotted with wildflowers and butterflies, perhaps even a family of grazing deer. But you don’t need large tracts of land to plant wildflowers!

In this book, Mike shares tips for every step of your process, from choosing the right seeds, to preparing your soil, to caring for your wildflowers. 

Take a look and order your copy today!

Learn More From The Seed Man

Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte has some exciting guest spots on two of our favorite gardening shows! Growing a Greener World® and The joe gardener Show podcast, both hosted by Joe Lamp'l, both have much to offer, with great gardening information and guests. You can watch the featured episode and listed to Mike's guest appearance on the podcast for lots of wildflower planting tips and inspiration.


American Meadows has become famous for our wildflower seed mixes. How do these mixtures come to life, and what sets them apart? Our resident wildflower expert, Mike “The Seed Man” Lizotte, carefully designs seed mixes for meadows that bloom all season long, year after year.

Media Buzz

"While a traditional meadow is a field covered in grasses and wildflowers, a mini meadow fits a wealth of pollinator-attracting native and wildflowers into a small space."

March, 2020

"Big, bold colors bring bouquets to life, providing a sense of warmth and encouragement during these uncertain times."

February 2021

"Lose your lawn and gain a beautiful low-care haven for wildlife"

Spring 2022

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