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A Show-Stopper Amaryllis

Double Amaryllis

I love this amaryllis. It's a show-stopper!

Blossom Peacock Amaryllis Blossom Peacock Amaryllis

Hi American Meadows -
This is a show stopper! I love this amaryllis. It looks almost like a waterlily! It makes me happy every day. I love the color and the fact that it is short and not real tall like the others I've had. I do not know the name of it. If you do could you let me know?

Thank you!
Christine Bednark, MA

Dear Christine:
Sure--that's "Blossom Peacock," and we agree--it's one of the great double amaryllis varieties. Glad you enjoyed it. We grow them in our offices around the holidays, too, and we agree--it's a knock-out.

Thanks for sharing your great photos
American Meadows staff

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