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This Champion Amaryllis is a Holiday Treat

Spectacular Amaryllis Makes the Holidays Extra Bright

Amaryllis Full House


Dear American Meadows:

I just wanted to let you know that I have never been happier with an Amaryllis Bulb than with the one I purchased from American Meadows!

Over the holidays, my family and I were treated to a spectacular show that included two enormous flower spikes, the second of which grew to the incredible height of 28 inches, and contained 6 flowers! And then imagine my surprise and glee when I discovered, just last week, in between the vivid green leaves, a third flower stalk!

It is now 15 inches tall and promises to delight us for a third glorious time! What a thrill! I had not grown an amaryllis in a couple of years since a less than wonderful experience with a bulb (not from you) that grew leaves but no flower stalk.

Thank you so very much for this superior product!

A happy gardener and her family,
Lisa Blystone.
New York

Our expanded selection of Amaryllis and other indoor bulbs last holiday season brought some wonderful reactions. This is one of our favorites. This member planted one of the amaryllis hybrids that was new last fall. The name of the beautiful bicolor is (photo above) and it was one of our earliest sellouts. Next year, we’ll have more of this one! Thanks, Lisa, for such kind words!

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