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Velvet sunflowers in meadow

A Spectacular Backdrop of Sunflowers for a Big Event

Big Sunflower Show in Indiana

Member Nan Swaidner, who lives in northern Indiana, loves sunflowers. So for a special event she was planning, she decided to plant a backdrop of sunflowers four feet wide and 200 ft. long! She ordered seeds of five different species, and did the planting. For additional color, she also planted various other quick-bloom wildflowers in front of the sunflower screen. When it all worked beautifully, Nan wrote us a note of thanks. But we think we owe her a thank you for sharing her story and photos. Congratulations, Nan!

Dear American Meadows:

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful sunflowers that have come from the seeds I planted. The birds love them, the people love them and I've had so much fun watching them grow! They made a beautiful backdrop for our event. Here are a few photos of the various flowers I grew. I plan to keep experimenting with all the varieties. It was so much fun!

Thanks again,
Nan Swaidner, Indiana

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