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Massachusetts Wildflowers are Natures Playground

Dear American Meadows:

We wanted to write and tell you that we love our American Meadows wildflowers.

We've planted a couple of pounds of seeds in our yard and they always fill in great. The other day we took a pictures of our children exploring out in the flowers and wanted to share them with you!

We're in Southeastern MA, and we planted your Partial Shade Mix (as we have in past years, always with great results) in spring. The wildflowers do a great job of filling the space between our yard and the woods. They don't need much upkeep (other than watering the seeds at first), and we get great blooms every year.


Tim and Laura Emerson, MA

P.S Big Kids love them too! My future sister in law asked to have her engagement announcement photos taken in the wildflowers. Here's the happy couple.

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