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Wildflower Meadow in the Catskills

Northeastern Wildflower Meadow
Deep Blue Lupine and Daisies in early summer.

Catskill Wildflower Meadow brings "Tears of Joy."

Northeastern Wildflower Meadow
Welcome to the Obecny's new home.
Northeastern Wildflower Meadow
A sea of blue & white spreads below the house.
Northeastern Wildflower Meadow
Wildflowers now bloom in several areas on the property.

Over the years, we've learned that a meadow of blooming wildflowers can be more than just beautiful to many people. Some relate the blooms to wonderful childhood memories. Others tell us certain flowers remind them of certain loved ones. Often, our members themselves are surprised at the emotional reactions their meadows often create. In any case, we love to hear that the results of our seeds can bring such pleasure.

Member Carl Obecny was kind enough to send some beautiful photos of the wildflower plantings at the Obecny’s new home in the Catskill Mountains, the famous scenic resort area just north of New York City. And below, you can read how the beauty of her blooming meadow touched Mrs. Obecny when she walked into the sea of flowers. We love stories like this! And hope the Obecnys enjoy their wildflowers for years to come.

Dear American Meadows:
Our property is located in the scenic Upper Beaverkill Valley in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Over the last few years, with the extension of our driveway and construction of our new home, we've taken advantage of the disturbed earth to plant your Northeast Mix along with a select few other wildflower seeds. The results have been simply stunning.

The first year, I found my wife standing in one of the fields amongst the blooms with tears of joy in her eyes. This spring, we were rewarded with a wonderful carpet of daisies and lupine. With each new season, we wait with anticipation for the next round of color and diversity.

......Joan and Carl Obecny, New York

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Northeastern Wildflowers
Blooming meadow in the Catskills.