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Perennial Parade in New Hampshire

A summer of wild perennials:
What a difference a month makes.

Lupines in June
June: A beautiful sea of blue lupine
Daisies in July
July: A big blaze of Gloriosa Daisies

We recently received these beautiful photos from John St. John, a member in New Hampshire. He sent along a note that said, "First it was the lupines, now it's the daisies! I can't wait to see what happens next!"

This is the reaction we love to hear, and many wildflower gardeners often respond that they and their neighbors are fascinated by how the wildflowers follow each other, species by species. His backyard meadow is performing in perfect wildflower fashion. He planted our perennials last year, and in June, he took the photo of his spectacular Wild Lupine bloom. Then during late July, the scene had changed. The second photo is of the exact same area, now a mass of Gloriosa Daisies.

This is how it all works...our mixtures are designed to give you a succession of bloom all season long. Thanks, Mr. St. John, for sharing your great photos!