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Using Flower Seed Packets for Bridal Shower Favors

Our members keep creating fantastic favors, basket gifts and unique mailings with our Wildflower Seed Mini Packets

Grace Church discovered our Ready-to-Ship Wildflower Seed Packets in 20 designs (see all Special Occasion Mini-Packet designs) and chose one of the favorites — the almost-square mini-packet with soft artwork and a popular wildflower seed mixture inside. After the bridal shower, Ms. Church was kind enough to send us photos of how she used them. She wrote us before and after the project:

Sample Packets for Approval

Before the event: 
Dear American Meadows:

Hi Erin: Just wanted to thank you again for forwarding the sample of the Favor-Sized Wildflower Seed Packets. It was a unanimous decision to go with them and I placed the order yesterday. We are going to glue them to popsicle sticks with a poem taped to the back and tied with a coordinated ribbon — then we'll stick them in styrofoam bedded flower pots and they will serve as beautiful centerpieces as well.

Thanks so much! I look forward to telling everyone about American Meadows.
....Grace Church

Praise after Event Success

Dear American Meadows:
Hi Erin: I just had to share with you the photos of the favors for my friend's bridal shower. The seed packets were a huge hit — and have endless possibilities for other occasions.

Best wishes, Grace

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