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Maine Dahlias

Dahlias Thrive 'Down East'

The coast of Maine ranks among our country's most scenic and popular regions and for years, the coast and surrounding regions have been affectionately referred to as 'Down East.' It’s hard to find a more bucolic setting, with jagged rocks, bobbing lobster buoys and yes, plenty of beautiful gardens.

Our friend Evelyn S. in Wiscassett was happy to share these photos of her American Meadows dahlias. Given to her as a mother's day present from her doting son-in-law, you can see that they sure took to the environment. Evelyn planted these along the north side of a boathouse, just above the high tide mark. The pink dinnerplate blooms were over seven inches across and needed to be staked to keep from breaking in the strong coastal wind!

Thanks for sharing!

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