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Caladium Red Flash Lights Up a Yard in Missouri

William Semsrott, out in Perryville, MO (about 75 mi. south of St. Louis) let us know he is really enjoying the results from our Red Flash Caladium bulbs. He planted Red Flash near his garage, and called to tell us he is amazed at the large leaves, brilliant color, and size of the plant. He tells us Red Flash grew to a whopping 30 inches tall, and as the photos show, made a big colorful show against the wall.

Mr. Semsrott also mentioned the attractive bloom that appeared, as it does with some caladiums. Everyone expects just showy leaves from caladiums, but Red Flash opened a beautiful flower too, as a bonus.

Caladiums are a great example of tropical (freeze-sensitive) bulbs that make big shows quickly when planted in spring, even in heavy-winter areas. It’s almost no work to plant them, and almost no trouble taking them up in fall to store through the winter so they’ll be even bigger and better the next spring. We really appreciate it when a member calls or emails us and shares good results with all our visitors.

red flash caladium
red flash caladium