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by Amanda

We're excited to have taken several of our favorite customer combinations and created collections based off of them, making it easy for you to get their look in your garden! All of these collections are extremely easy to grow and can be planted in the fall for spring blooms. We hope you enjoy!

Allium Purple Sensation and Lupine Combo

Allium and LupineColor, color, color! This fabulous combination boasts both an array of colorful blooms and different textures, adding a truly interesting display to the garden. Collection includes: Allium Purple Sensation and 1/4 LB of Russell Lupine Seed.

Tulip, Daffodil and Virginia Bluebells Combo

Tulip Daffodils and Virginia BluebellsThis romantic combination steals the show in any garden. White Daffodils, Purple and Pink Tulips and Virginia Bluebells compliment each other perfectly, blooming together throughout the spring season. Collection includes: Virginia Bluebells, Mount Hood Daffodils, & Endless Spring Purple and Pink Tulips.

Tulip Stresa and Crocus Ruby Giant Combo

Tulip Stresa and Crocus Ruby GiantThis gorgeous pairing illuminates in mid spring and returns year after year. Rich, purple Crocus blooms create a gorgeous backdrop for the large, bi-color Tulips. This combination also makes great bouquets! Collection includes: Tulip Stresa and Crocus Ruby Giant.

Darwin Tulip Mix and Fall Max Mix Combo

Darwin Tulip Mix and Fall Max MixThis combination brings cheerful blooms to the garden all season long! The Darwin Tulip Bulbs and early-blooming Annuals begin blooming in early spring. The later-blooming annuals then take over and bloom all the way until frost, delighting with different varieties every few weeks! Collection includes: Darwin Tulip Mix and 1/4 LB Fall Max Mix.

Dutchmaster Daffodil and Blue Hyacinth Combo

Tulip Stresa and Crocus Ruby GiantOne of the most classic and favorite combinations, this blue and yellow pairing dazzles the spring garden with bold color and sweet fragrance. Be sure to plant extra for fabulous bouquets! Collection includes: Dutch Master Daffodils and Blue Hyacinths.